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Zambia withdrew its recognition of polisario

As the Polisario Front, a separatist movement in southern Morocco, was inaugurating the head of its self-proclaimed republic in neighboring Algeria, following the death of Mohammed Abdelaziz, the then president and secretary general of the front, the republic of Zambia withdrew its recognition of this entity as its foreign minister visited Morocco in the weekend.

During a press conference in Rabat, Mr. Harry Kalaba stated that his country decided to withdraw its recognition and remain neutral in this conflict to which the UN is trying to provide a mutually accepted solution. Zambia follows the steps of many African countries which, during the context of the cold war, recognized the proclaimed socialist republic, but retreated back years later.

Morocco has offered years ago to give autonomy to the disputed sahara region which was then considered as the best possible solution by many observers, but the polisario front, under the pressure of Algeria, rejected it categorically calling for absolute independence.

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