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Year of Russia takes off in Greece

With the opening of exhibits at the Acropolis Museum and exchange programmes between Culture and Sport Minister, Aristides Baltas, and Vice President of the Government of the Russian Federation, Sergey Prichontko, the Year of Russia in Greece has oficially started.

Aristides Baltas and Sergei Prichontko signed an agreement in the Museum auditorium, which foresees the official exchange of votive Year events programme.

Russian exhibits, belonging to the Hermitage Museum, are part of a unique Scythian burial collection, found in 1830 in the royal tomb Kul Oba, in the Crimea and allocated to the Acropolis Museum as part of the exchange for the presentation of an archaic Kore in the Hermitage Museum in early April.

The exchange marks the start of the Greek-Russian Year events, which, apart from its rich cultural programme, it will also include tourist events, educational and scientific collaborations, exhibitions, competitions and many other activities.

The ceremony was attended by the Deputy Minister for Education Mr. Costas Fotakis, Deputy Foreign Minister. Ioannis Amanatidis, General Secretary of the Ministry of Culture and Sport, Maria Andreadaki – Vlazaki, the Director of the Acropolis Museum, Mr. Dimitris Pantermalis, the Director of Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Mr. Michael Piotrofski, and officials of the Russian Embassy.

After the inauguration, the official guests toured the Museum and attended a working lunch.

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