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Tsipras fell into his own trap

After trying for several months and failing to change the agenda of the second review, that should have been ended since last December, Greek government is now under an Asphyxiating pressure by the creditors to accept painfull measures. This is the only way for an overall agreement on the financing of the economy after 2018.

According to authoritative sources that are close to the Brussels negotiation procedure, the fact is that creditors are dragging Greek government to accept the painful measures that concern the labor market and the pension reductions.

Two days ago Poul Thomsen in his speech in Oxford repeatin that “Greeks continue to have Germany’s pensions”, revealed clearly once again his intentions for pushing things to an overall agreement before IMF decide what it will do in the Spring Meeting 2017.

On this basis, according to the same sources, mr. Tsipra’s government is trapped in this on purpose delay, as the other part wanted, and at the same time in the difficult situation in which some SYRIZA – ANEL members of parliament are against taking new measures.

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