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Morocco Welcomes Sahara Provisions in 2017 US Appropriations Bill

The Kingdom of Morocco welcomes the provisions on the Moroccan Sahara contained in the 2017 US Appropriations Bill, signed Friday by President Donald Trump. This bill stipulates that the funds destined for Morocco are also usable in the Moroccan Sahara. Indeed, the bill provides that “the funds allocated [to Morocco] under Title III… shall be made available to support the ...

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US government provides Humanitarian Assistance to refugees in Greece

On April 7 and 8, 2016, the U.S. Mission to Greece and the U.S. Army’s 409th Contracting Support Brigade (CSB) donated essential humanitarian supplies for migrants and refugees in Greece on behalf of the U.S. Government. Thousands of beds, sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, diapers and other necessities were provided to the Hellenic Republic First Reception Service for distribution at sites ...

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“No aircraft was shot down”, says US military spokesman

A helicopter belonging to NATO-led forces made a “hard” landing in southern Afghanistan Friday, but all personnel on board “have been recovered with no casualties,” a U.S. military spokesman said, dismissing Taliban claims of shooting down the aircraft. The incident happened in the restive Helmand province, the site of intense fighting in recent weeks where many of its 14 districts ...

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