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Refugees clash again with police forces in Idomeni (video)

Refugees who were gathered at the Greece-FYROM border in the Greek town of Idomeni, tried to cross to the other side and clashed with FYROM police. On Sunday morning, a delegation of five refugees approached the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia border and asked for permission to cross so they can continue their journey to central Europe. The FYROM police refused ...

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US government provides Humanitarian Assistance to refugees in Greece

On April 7 and 8, 2016, the U.S. Mission to Greece and the U.S. Army’s 409th Contracting Support Brigade (CSB) donated essential humanitarian supplies for migrants and refugees in Greece on behalf of the U.S. Government. Thousands of beds, sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, diapers and other necessities were provided to the Hellenic Republic First Reception Service for distribution at sites ...

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Activists jumped in the sea at Lesvos port to prevent ship departure

Three activists on Friday jumped in the sea at the Lesvos Port to prevent the departure of a ship carrying 45 migrants to be deported to Turkey. The deportations resumed today amid reactions from activists. According to an Alpha television report, a group of activists jumped in the water and started swimming around the ship on which 45 migrants were ...

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Merkel: Protecting the borders is a priority

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says Europe is on the “right track” to deal with the refugee crisis. Merkel speaking at joint news conference with French President Francois Hollande, said: “I think that last year the difficulties were due to the fact that we weren’t clear on how to protect our external borders.” She spoke in the French city of Metz, ...

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Greek Coast Guard says refugees have two weeks time to leave Piraeus

Authorities in Greece say thousands of migrants and refugees camped out at the country’s largest port near Athens have been given two weeks to move to army-built camps voluntarily or be expelled by force. The warning issued Thursday came as nearly a third of the 52,000 migrants stranded in Greece by European border closures are refusing to move to organized ...

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Giorgos Kyritsis: Piraeus and Idomeni will be evacuated

The representative of the Greek Coordinating Body for the Refugee Crisis, Giorgos Kyritsis, spoke to itimes.gr about the upsurge of the refugee crisis in the country. Asked by itimes.gr how will the government handle incidents of violence between migrants. Kyritsis replied: “These are people who are in difficult conditions and we are handling the incidents with a mild approach. Individual ...

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53.042 refugees in Greece – 14.797 in Attica

More than 53,000 refugees can be found all over Greece today, according to data of the Refugee Coordination Crisis Management Body. The new arrivals were just 68, while the total number of those who remain in the islands is 6.384. In Attica 14.797 are being hosted, of whom 4,720 in Piraeus. In Evia, Fthiotida and Larissa there are 2566 people, ...

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Greek officials try to persuade migrants and refugees to leave the Port of Piraeus

Tensions flared at the Port of Piraeus, south of Athens, on Wednesday after authorities informed migrants and refugees who have for weeks found temporary shelter outside a passenger terminal that they will be transported to purpose-built camps near the capital. Several people held a sit-in protest at the dock demanding the opening of the country’s northern border. A protester threatened to ...

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