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Refugees clash again with police forces in Idomeni (video)

Refugees who were gathered at the Greece-FYROM border in the Greek town of Idomeni, tried to cross to the other side and clashed with FYROM police. On Sunday morning, a delegation of five refugees approached the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia border and asked for permission to cross so they can continue their journey to central Europe. The FYROM police refused ...

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Danish police made cautionary arrests of alleged ISIS recruits

Danish police said they had arrested four people on Thursday at different addresses near Copenhagen on suspicion of having been rescruited by the militant group ISIS in Syria to commit terrorist violence.¬†Ammunitions and weapons were found in a connected search, the police said. “All four suspects are accused of having violated the penal code by allowing themselves to be recruited ...

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Clashes between refugees and police in Idomeni (video)

Tension broke out in Idomeni camp on Tuesday afternoon, between refugees and police forces who attempted to evacuate the train tracks that have been occupied by the refugees as a form of protest towards the neighboring Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM). The refugees are demanding to be allowed passage through the borders. According to the Athens and Macedonian News ...

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