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Refugees clash again with police forces in Idomeni (video)

Refugees who were gathered at the Greece-FYROM border in the Greek town of Idomeni, tried to cross to the other side and clashed with FYROM police. On Sunday morning, a delegation of five refugees approached the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia border and asked for permission to cross so they can continue their journey to central Europe. The FYROM police refused ...

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Greek government plans to decongest Piraeus port and Idomeni camp

The construction of new hosting areas aiming at decongesting Idomeni and Piraeus port was discussed at Friday’s meeting of the Refugees and Migration Policy Government’s Council chaired by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras at the Maximou mansion. According to sources, top priority was given to the port of Piraeus in order to be again functional before the beginning of the Easter ...

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Angry farmer drives tractor between refugees in Idomeni

Police intervened to stop an angry Greek farmer from ploughing his fields at the Idomeni refugee camp. The farmer drove his tractor between hundreds of tents set up by the stranded refugees who have been living in the makeshift camp near the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM). The man, who owes 72 acres where the refugee camp is now ...

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Clashes between refugees and police in Idomeni (video)

Tension broke out in Idomeni camp on Tuesday afternoon, between refugees and police forces who attempted to evacuate the train tracks that have been occupied by the refugees as a form of protest towards the neighboring Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM). The refugees are demanding to be allowed passage through the borders. According to the Athens and Macedonian News ...

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Vitsas: Idomeni must end

The need “to end the Idomeni case” stressed the head of the Coordinating Body for Refugees and Immigrants, Dimitris Vitsas. “We cannot expect the country’s growth to come from the refugees. I think that there is no case for investment among the refugees,” said Mr. Vitsas speaking to television station ANT1. Mr. Vitsas also commented on the new unrest yesterday in ...

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Congestion in Idomeni due to false rumour for open border

Hundreds of refugees flooded back to Greece’s overwhelmed Idomeni camp on the border with Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) on Sunday following rumors that the closed frontier would be forced open. The renewed influx came as Greek authorities were trying to evacuate an estimated 11,500 people who were stranded at the squalid camp after Balkan states slammed shut their ...

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US Assistant Secretary of State toured the Idomeni camp

US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland has toured the overcrowded refugee camp at the Idomeni crossing on Greece’s northern border with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM). Nuland met Thursday with local government officials and representatives of non-governmental organizations to discuss living conditions at the site. About 14,000 people are camped in the mud at Idomeni, or housed ...

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