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Greek Film Academy Awards ceremony in the shadow of the refugee issue

Alexis Alexiou was the big winner of this year’s ceremony of the Greek Film Academy, as the film “Wednesday 4:45” won both the Best Director and the Best Film award, taking home 9 accolades. Stelios Mainas won the Best Actor award, while the late Minas Chatzisavas was named Best Supporting Actor for the film “Worlds apart”. The reference point of ...

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“Carol” voted as the best queer film in BFI’s poll

To honor the 30th anniversary of the British Film Institute’s LGBT film festival, the BFI polled over 100 filmmakers, critics, and programmers on their favorite queer films. On top was found the most recent movie of all, Todd Haynes’ “Carol.” The poll’s methodology did not require voters to rank their choices, so “Carol” won by being on the dint of ...

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“Jaws” writer reveals story behind movie’s most famous line

In 1974, Carl Gottlieb was the story editor on ABC’s The Odd Couple when he was asked by his friend, a then relatively unknown director named Steven Spielberg, to give him notes on the script for his movie about a shark. “[Spielberg] was anxious to do a rewrite before they started shooting — they were about two or three weeks ...

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