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A joint European framework to deal with hybrid threats

In recent years, the EU and its Member States have been increasingly exposed to hybrid threats that comprise hostile actions designed to destabilise a region or a state. The European Commission and the High Representative adopted a Joint Framework to counter hybrid threats and foster the resilience of the EU, its Member States and partner countries while increasing cooperation with ...

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EU-IMF meet in Brussels on Greek reforms

The EU and IMF met in Brussels on Friday to agree on how to coax Greece into more economic reforms linked to its bailout and unlock more funds, with one EU official saying they hoped for a deal by Sunday. Mission chiefs of Greece’s European Union and International Monetary Fund lenders left Athens for consultations in Brussels, adjourning their bailout ...

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Greek Parliament activates EU’Turkey deal

Greek parliament approved in principle on Friday a bill on migration activating the EU-Turkey deal and allowing the return of refugees to Turkey as of Monday, with 169 votes in favor and 107 against. Twenty four MPs were absent. SYRIZA, ANEL, the Democratic Coalition and Potami voted in favor of the bill, while New Democracy, Golden Dawn, the Communist Party ...

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Asylum requests will be processed quicker, Greek Defense Minister says

Alternate Minister of National Defence Dimitris Vitsas, who is in charge of coordinating Greece’s management of the refugee flow, said that all procedures pertaining to asylum requests would be sped up and examined within the space of a fortnight. “Asylum requests will have to be examined within a week – and there is international help for this purpose– and administrative ...

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“White smoke” is coming from Brussels

European Union negotiators and Turkey have agreed on a draft deal over the migrant crisis, which must now be approved by the 28 EU leaders. Under the scheme, migrants arriving in Greece after midnight Sunday will be sent back to Turkey if their asylum claim is rejected. In return, EU countries will resettle thousands of migrants from Turkey. Both the Czech ...

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Tsipras: “Europe translates sovereignty as it pleases”

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras talked about the different treatment prevailing in Europe of “28”, while at a meeting of European members of Radical Left and Ecology, entitled “Europe must change”, in Paris. He referred to the fact that the concept of sovereignty leads countries to close their borders against the common European rules and the refugee issue. At the same time, ...

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Critical EU-Summit in Brussels

The leaders of 28 European countries meet today in Brussels in order to discuss the immigration issue, in view of the unilateral actions by states belonging to “the Balcan corridor” and disagreements as to the way the crisis should be dealt with. From the Summit, it is expected to transpire the outline of the next European actions towards the biggest ...

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