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Morocco Welcomes Sahara Provisions in 2017 US Appropriations Bill

The Kingdom of Morocco welcomes the provisions on the Moroccan Sahara contained in the 2017 US Appropriations Bill, signed Friday by President Donald Trump. This bill stipulates that the funds destined for Morocco are also usable in the Moroccan Sahara. Indeed, the bill provides that “the funds allocated [to Morocco] under Title III… shall be made available to support the ...

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Trump: NATO is obsolete, other countries must pay or leave

Donald Trump has stepped up his attack on Nato, saying he would force member nations to leave the transatlantic security organisation unless they contributed more money to what he said was an “obsolete” defence alliance. Speaking in Wisconsin ahead of the state’s primary on Tuesday, he went further by saying that NATO’s demise would not be a serious problem. “Its possible ...

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Turmoil at Trump’s event

Republican nominee Donald Trump’s election rally in Chicago was cancelled at the last minute to prevent “injury to people,” according to the official press release. Students, members of the Hispanic community, supporters of Bernie Sanders and activists of Black Lives Matter had gathered in a gym at the University of Illinois, where the event was meant to take place. When ...

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