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Refugees clash again with police forces in Idomeni (video)

Refugees who were gathered at the Greece-FYROM border in the Greek town of Idomeni, tried to cross to the other side and clashed with FYROM police. On Sunday morning, a delegation of five refugees approached the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia border and asked for permission to cross so they can continue their journey to central Europe. The FYROM police refused ...

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FYROM keeps “emergency” measures on its borders

The FYROM Parliament decided on Monday to extend the “emergency” measures on its borders with Greece and Serbia until December 31, 2016, due to the refugee and migrant crisis. FYROM’s Defense Minister, Joran Yolevski, highlighted that it is important to proceed with this extension due to the augmented efforts by the refugees and migrants who try to enter and cross ...

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Congestion in Idomeni due to false rumour for open border

Hundreds of refugees flooded back to Greece’s overwhelmed Idomeni camp on the border with Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) on Sunday following rumors that the closed frontier would be forced open. The renewed influx came as Greek authorities were trying to evacuate an estimated 11,500 people who were stranded at the squalid camp after Balkan states slammed shut their ...

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Greek Government denies the return of 1,500 refugees from FYROM

Still unclear is the information regarding the fate of the 1500 refugees who attempted to cross the border with FYROM yesterday. The Ministry of Interiors of the country announced that all of them were returned to Greece, while ABC journalist, Barbara Miller, posted today relevant photos on twitter. According to information, the army of FYROM, after beating the refugees, put ...

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Schinas: “Greece must carry the burden of the refugee crisis”

Margaritis Schinas, spokesman of the European Commission, expressed the view that Greece should carry the burden of the refugee crisis. His exact words were the following: “All nations along the corridor of the Western Balcans should talk to each other instead of doing things to each other”. Asked if the European Commission shares European Council’s president, Donald Tusk, opinion that ...

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FYROM keeping the borders closed

The Balcan corridor is “sealed”, until the EU Summit on March 17th and 18th,as FYROM is thinking over the new data after Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia imposed restriction on regugees’flows. Meanwhile, the same countries are expected to decide the official closure of the passage in the zone between Gevgelija and Idomeni. The responsible government commission for the administration of the ...

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