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Promising partnership between Morocco and Tanzania

As King Mohammed VI of Morocco landed in Tanzania at the start of this week, a majestic welcome was granted to him, only to give us a clue about the scope of this visit which the whole press in both countries describes as historic. Tanzanian president John Magufuli Pombe, hosted an official dinner in honor of the king who brought with him an impressive delegation.


Mr. President Ma Magufuli Pombe meets HM. King Mohammed the VI

Mr. President Ma Magufuli Pombe meets HM. King Mohammed the VI


Afterwards, 22 agreements were signed, touching all sites of interest, among which the promotion of industrial and logistic clusters that will certainly contribute to the industrialization of Tanzania, as the President himself declared. The 1st Moroccan-Tanzanian trade and investment forum was also held to kick off a new and solid partnership reinforcing south-to-south cooperation, to which the Moroccan king cling and try to promote in the whole continent.


Moreover, Dar es Salaam will see in the upcoming months the building of a new mosque named after King Mohammed VI. This came as response to a request by Mufti Sheikh Abu-Bakr Ibn Zubayr Benali, President of the National Muslim Council of Tanzania, who expressed the need for a mosque and its facilities in Dar es Salaam. Later on, a cooperation agreement in the field of religious affairs was signed between the Mufti and the Moroccan Minister of Religious Endowments and Islamic Affairs Ahmed Toufiq. It covers traditional education, religious foundations, construction and management of mosques, exchange of experiences, and other forms of cooperation which aim at preserving the authentic values of Islam and help prevent extremism.

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