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The King and People Revolution on august 20th, King Mohammed VI Speech to the nation

In his   latest speech to the nation, as Morocco celebrated the 63ème anniversary of the King and People Revolution on august 20th, the King, Mohammed the VI, highlighted the humanitarian approach of his country towards sub-saharan migrants which results in their whole and easy integration into the Moroccan society.

Morocco is indeed, amongst the first African countries to have succeeded in integrating migrants thanks to a well-thought strategy based on an authentic solidarity and south to south cooperation and according to reasonable and equal criteria that aim at creating the most adequate conditions for a better and graceful life for them in Morocco.

The king called those who have been critical of Morocco’s efforts in this regard “to offer migrants just a  little of what Morocco has offered them so far, while expressing his regrets on the violations as far as the management of the migration issue is concerned in the Mediterranean space and which does not provide a strategy for the integration of  migrants. The king has also expressed his satisfaction at the behaviour of the African migrants who tend to respect Moroccan traditions and values.

At another level, Mohammed the VI called for a real cooperation with neighbouring Algeria in order to satisfy the need of both people and serve the interests of both nations, in remembrance of the historic episode of solidarity and coordination that gathered once  the leaders of the resistance in the Maghreb countries.

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