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ITimes is the only online newspaper in Greece providing direct and reliable information simultaneously in 12 languages:

itimes.gr in Greek,

en.itimes.gr English -with a focus on the US and the Greek community of North America, South Africa and Australia,

de.itimes.gr in German,

fr.itimes.gr in French,

ru.itimes.gr in Russian,

tr.itimes.gr Turkish,

es.itimes.gr in Spanish,

ro.itimes.gr in Romanian

sh.itimes.gr in Albanian,

urdu.itimes.gr in Urdu,

pl.itimes.gr Polish

and ar.itimes.gr in Arabic do already live on the internet.

Under construction is also the site ch.itimes.gr in Chinese, which will provide full information on the bilateral relations between Greece and China, focusing on business, tourism and culture. It should be noted that this will be the sole informative site in Greece which will record the news in Mandarin.

The purpose of the newspaper is to offer objective, prompt and accurate information to the multilingual readership. The ITimes newspaper aimed at a very broad audience that includes foreign readers living and working in Greece and who wish to read the news of Greece in their language.

The editorial team of ITimes is composed by experienced foreign and Greek journalists with an objective look.

The newspaper ITimes first of all covers all the current news of Greece which respectively translates into 12 languages and at the same time ​​records the news of each other country separately. Each version independently transmits the news depending on the geographical location and geopolitical/economic area covering, analyzing in depth the bilateral and multilateral relations between the countries. The newspaper also covers the activities in the economic and business sectors and in the areas of culture, tourism and education.

Be informed in your language