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Greek Film Academy Awards ceremony in the shadow of the refugee issue

Alexis Alexiou was the big winner of this year’s ceremony of the Greek Film Academy, as the film “Wednesday 4:45” won both the Best Director and the Best Film award, taking home 9 accolades.

Stelios Mainas won the Best Actor award, while the late Minas Chatzisavas was named Best Supporting Actor for the film “Worlds apart”.

The reference point of the ceremony was the speech by this year’s guest of honor, the acclaimed British actress and activist Vanessa Redgrave, who referred to the refugee crisis by saying: “Shame on Europe!”.

“You are amazing because you remember that these refugees are mothers, fathers, children, human beings, something a single European government did not remember! Shame on Europe! Why do I say this? Because European governments inspired this criminal strategy, opening their doors to the Apocalypse. I can not tell your government what to do, but it must demand European funding, money for the country and the refugees, not harsh measures “, said Redgrave.

Fourteen feature-length films and documentaries claimed the Iris Awards of the Greek Film Academy, held for the seventh consecutive year. It should be noted that an award for Best Foreign Language Film was introduced this year, won by Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos for “Lobster”.


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