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The Greek debt is sustainable until 2022, says Economy Minister

Greek Economy Minister George Stathakis called “out of place” and “misleading” reports on an alleged “reversal of the Greek government’s position on the debt”.

According to reports, Stathakis speaking on Tuesday at the Greek-German Business Forum organized by the Economist in Berlin has allegedly said that the Greek debt is sustainable until 2022 and the issue is its long-term sustainability.

Stathakis also said that the issue of the sustainability of the Greek debt must close with the successful completion of the program review, otherwise the attraction of long term investments will be very difficult. The same reports claimed that Stathakis said that the negotiation will be completed around April 27 and estimated that the reforms in the taxation and the pension system will “pass” without problems in the Greek parliament.

Moreover, Stathakis stressed that currently he ‘sees’ strong circular growth and estimated that the business climate in Greece gets better day after day adding that economic growth will be recorded in the second half of 2016. The Greek minister also said that the Greek privatizations will probably bring up to 7-8 billion euros profit.

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