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Controversial Belgian curator of Athens Festival has resigned

Officially it has not been confirmed by the Greek Ministry of Culture. But Belgian artist Jan Fabre, the controversial curator of the Athens & Epidaurus Festival, told a Belgian newspaper that he has submitted his resignation.

The Greek Festival curator triggered a storm of reactions when he decided to exclude Greek artists from this year’s Athens & Epidaurus Festival and dedicate this year’s event to “Belgian spirit.” Many expressed their frustration and indignation over this controversial decision and spoke of a “Belgian Festival”, while actress and director Olia Lazaridou commented that this was a case of “colonization”.

Fabre complained that he was displeased as he could not work in a “hostile artistic environment” and that he did not receive a “carte banche” as the Greeks had promised him.

“I had the mandate of the Greek Minister of Culture agreed to make artistic choices in complete freedom,” said Fabre Saturday in a brief press release. “This no longer seems possible in Greece. I do not want to work in a hostile artistic environment that I had entered with an open mind and open heart.”


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