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500-euro-note holders will be recorded, says Bank of Greece

Commercial banks are being ordered to note the personal data and transaction history of clients who exchange 500-euro notes, along with cross-checking the details recorded with other transactions by those customers, according to a circular issued by the Bank of Greece. The aim of the measure – on top of a commission charged by banks on the exchange of 500-euro ...

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Hollande: Many more terrorists to be arrested

Following the capture of the key surviving suspect in the November 13 Paris attacks, French president Francois Holande has revealed that many more people were involved in planning the atrocities in which 130 people were killed. “What we need to do is arrest all those who organized and facilitated these attacks. There are far more numerous people than we have ...

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Merkel heralded new quotas for relocating refugees

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the closing of the migrant route through the Balkans has created a challenging situation for Greece and it should concern all of Europe. Addressing the Bundestag ahead of an EU summit with Turkey on Thursday, Merkel warned that nobody should be deceived by the slower influx of migrants to Germany because of border closures. Merkel ...

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U.S. Embassy supports the participation of Greek professionals at SXSW Festival

The U.S. Embassy in Athens is delighted to support the participation of 12 Greek professionals at the South by Southwest Festival (SXSW) in Austin, Texas, from March 11-20, 2016. The U.S. Embassy is also collaborating with two other international institutions, The Hellenic Initiative and the Austin-based International Accelerator, for the participation of 30 Greek startups in SXSW Interactive 2016. This ...

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What Your Facebook Habit Means for Your Sleep

It’s no secret that your late-night social media binges can interfere with your rest. But did you ever suspect that daytime Facebook use could also be related to the quality of your sleep? A new study, to be presented this spring, suggests that browsing your feed a few dozen times a day could be a symptom of sleep deprivation. Researchers ...

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Chinese stock market crash affects Athens Stock Exchange

There is great concern among the investors and analysts who talk about a second financial crisis like the one of 2008, after Chinese stock markets shutting down for a second time within a week. About 2.5 trillion dollars are estimated to have been lost in 2016 (until yesterday) from global equity markets without counting the current fall. China’s stock markets ...

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Inter-Libyan political agreement signed in Morocco

Libyan rival parties signed this Thursday in Skhirat (30 km south of Rabat), the “Libyan political agreement” to bring the country of the crisis that broke out three years ago. The agreement was signed by by representatives of all parties taking part in the inter- Libyan dialogue, held under the aegis of the UN support mission in Libya, mainly the ...

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Paris rocked by series of deadly shootings

Witnesses and survivors have described the scenes of horror and carnage as gunmen and suicide bombers killed at least 120 people in a wave of attacks across Paris on Friday night. “As we went to our car we saw dozens of people running out of the Bataclan,” local resident Caterina Giardino, an Italian national, said of the 19th century theatre-turned-music ...

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Third World in the First World

BOSTON — The real problem for Greece isn’t economic principles or policies, nor the Germans’ disregard for Greek democracy and their fetish for “austerity.” It’s the malfunctioning machinery of the Greek government. Greece has the trappings of an advanced Western economy, but its government’s capacity to tax and spend seems distinctly Third World. The proportion of self-employed Greeks is more ...

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