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Tusk: “Don’t go to Greece, don’t go to Europe!”

Donald Tusk, chairman of the European Council, confirmed the situation recently established in Greece because of the closed borders and the constant flow of refugees. Mr Tusk, in his visit to Athens, appealed to all potential refugees and migrants not to go to Greece because, as he stated “they would put their lives at risk and lose their money to ...

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Critical EU-Summit in Brussels

The leaders of 28 European countries meet today in Brussels in order to discuss the immigration issue, in view of the unilateral actions by states belonging to “the Balcan corridor” and disagreements as to the way the crisis should be dealt with. From the Summit, it is expected to transpire the outline of the next European actions towards the biggest ...

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Russian foreign minister Lavrov lands in Cyprus

By Evie Andreou Russian Foreign affairs minister Sergey Lavrov arrived under strict security measures in Cyprus earlier tonight. Lavrov, who arrived by private jet at 8.55pm, was welcomed by the Chief of Protocol Marios Kountourides and the Russian ambassador in Cyprus Stanislav Osadchiy. Both within the airport premises, and the surrounding roads there was a strong police presence. Since Tuesday ...

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Is this the man to replace Yanis Varoufakis as Greece’s new finance minister?

Greece’s finance minister Yanis Varoufakis, who resigned this morning, has achieved the previously unthinkable during his short time in office: unity in the eurozone. In a heated and ill-tempered meeting in Riga in April, all 18 of Yanis Varoufakis’s counterparts rounded on the rookie politician, accusing him of being a “gambler” who had withered away the trust of his partners. ...

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9 myths about the Greek crisis

The citizens of Greece face a referendum Sunday that could decide the survival of their elected government and the fate of the country in the Eurozone and Europe. Narrowly, they’re voting on whether to accept or reject the terms dictated by their creditors last week. But what’s really at stake? The answers aren’t what you’d think. I have had a ...

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