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10+ Secret Messages Hidden In Famous Logos You Probably Didn’t Know

What makes a logo great? Is it the colors? Maybe the shapes used? Or maybe it’s something that works on a whole different level, hidden from plain sight? We’re talking here about the logos you’ve seen so many times, you probably stopped paying attention to what they actually mean.

Check out these 15 famous brand logos which, despite being well known, still manage to hold a secret or two within.

Which one surprises you the most? Let us know in the comments!

#1 Toyota

This one is extra cool because the logo actually includes every letter used in the company’s name.


#2 Toblerone

“Toblerone” chocolates come from Switzerland and they really make it show not only by having Bern (city where Toblerone is made) in the name, but also a bear’s silhouette placed inside the mountain logo.


#3 Tour De France


#4 Fedex

“FedEx” hid a small arrow between letters E and x, which represents the forward momentum and efficiency.


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